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About Solely Fabrique

The Solely Fabrique Shoppe started in 2009 with hand-sewn gifts made for friends and family. The Shoppe specialises in Hand-Embroidered Personalised Made-to-Order products. All items are personally hand-embroidered by me. 

At Solely Fabrique Shoppe,  you will find gift ideas for that special someone in your life. All the products that you will find here are the products of love, hand/machine sewn as an expression of appreciation for the simple things in life.

If you see something you like, but would like to customise an items for gifts etc, please email me with your ideas, and we can discuss how to turn those ideas into a perfect One-of-A-Kind  gift. In the meantime, take your time and enjoy shopping at The Solely Fabrique Shoppe.

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Email : solelyseoul@yahoo.com.sg
Mobile : +65-9756-9540 (whatsapp)
Messenger : solely fabrique